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Accu-Fine Pen Needle 32Gx4mm PTB/AR/TR 100's


The insulin pen needles from the Accu-Fine product range allow for a gentle injection as well as particularly safe & practical handling. Accu-Fine needles can be used with all common insulin pens. The needles are available in lengths of 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm, suitable for all.

  • Using Accu-Fine needles does not require pinching of the skin.
  • The needle can be inserted into the skin with one hand at an angle of 90°.
  • Counting up to 10 during injection minimizes the risk of insulin leakage that could result in an insufficient dose.

  • Gentle injection: special cut for gentle insertion under the skin, special coating for gliding into the skin and thin wall for more rapid insulin flow.
  • Dual protection: with two protective covers.
  • Protective cap with dual function: sealed sterile protective cap, easy screwing and unscrewing of the needle.
  • Additional Protective cap: sterile needle tip ensures safe use?.
  • Practically for everyone: regardless of gender, age or BMI.
  • Compatible: with all common insulin pens
  • Minimizes the risk of painful intramuscular injections: with smaller needle lengths.

Accu-Fine Pen Needle 32Gx4mm PTB/AR/TR 100's

Accu-Fine Pen Needle 32Gx4mm PTB/AR/TR 100's
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