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Bioderma ABCDerm Hydratant 200ml

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Bioderma ABCDerm Hydratant is a light moisturizing milk with physiological pH, that is ideal for babies' delicate skin. It also contains incredibly mild moisturizing substances. Over the next few weeks and months, your baby's sensitive skin will change before developing into adult skin. The purpose of Bioderma ABCDerm Hydratant Baby Moisturizer is to better prepare your baby's skin for the future by protecting, nourishing, and educating it from the very beginning. The purpose of ABCDerm Hydratant's unique formulation is to hydrate, shield, and appreciate a baby's delicate skin. Inspired by the structure of the skin, Lipigenium is a lipid complex that instantly restores a natural protective film and fortifies the skin barrier over time. Two nourishing vegetable oils provide the skin more comfort, while glycerine, a powerful moisturizer, ensures superior skin hydration. Additionally, the Skin Barrier Therapy patent stops some bacteria (staphylococcus aureus), which are naturally present on the skin's surface, from growing and forming biofilms, which can lead to extreme dryness. The foundation of the NAOS method is ecobiology, which guides the formulation of all Bioderma products in order to respect the skin ecosystem and maintain its long-term health. A leader in skin ecobiology, Bioderma's cutting-edge research aims to protect and replenish each skin type's natural physiological balance, even the most sensitive newborn skin. The cornerstones of the ABCDerm line are offering products that are safe for their skin and honoring its natural state. To take care of you, this product has been produced using the ecobiological technique of NAOS Laboratories.

  • Use once or twice a day for 7 days a week, apply after cleansing with a cleansing product, gently dry and skin massage lightly.
  • May be used on newborns, with the exception of premature infants. Do not apply to damaged or oozing areas. If dryness persists, consult a healthcare professional.

  • Skin Barrier Therapy patent helps to biologically and sustainably restore a healthy skin barrier
  • Its light fragrance formula easily softens even the most delicate skin
  • Non-sticky texture allows for immediate dressing after use
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, supple, and comfortable
  • Strengthens and restores the natural physiological balance of babies' delicate skin

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Bioderma ABCDerm Hydratant 200ml
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