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Avene Akerat 10 Body Care Cream 200ml

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Avene Akérat 10 Body Care Cream brings very nourishing and kerato reducing agents, which will help to skin restoring. Avene Thermal Spring Water allows to diminish the hyper-reativity of the dry to keratosis-prone skins. Keratoreducing: The association of salicylic acid and lactic acid (Alpha and Beta hydroxyled Acis, well-known in dermatology), accelerates and enhance the phenomenon of shedding. Akerat thus very quickly makes skin smooth and velvety, perfectly moisturised and comfortable.

  • Apply once to twice a day, insisting on the desiccated and shedding zones.
  • Use neither in children under 3 nor on wounds
  • Indication: Skins with keratosis tendency care

  • Nutritive
  • Alleviating and anti-irritant
  • Hypoallergenic and not a comedogenic product

Avene Akerat 10 Body Care Cream 200ml

Avene Akerat 10 Body Care Cream 200ml
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