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Bel Clinic Lift and Neck Cream 80ml

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Bel Clinic has developed Bel Clinic Lift and Neck Cream has been developed with Geloid cream with non-greasy texture with lifting effect for neck, breasts and face etc. Moreover, Bel Clinic Lift and Neck Cream fight hangings by re-densifying and firming the skin. In addition, Bel Clinic Lift and Neck Cream can be used for most of the skin types including mature and flabby skin.

  • Indications and dosage in the enclosed leaflet
  • Or as recommended by your healthcare specialist
  • Keep it away from children's reach

  • Non-greasy geloid cream with tensor-lifting effect that provides firmness
  • Fight hangings by redensifying and firming the skin
  • Indicated for use on Neck, Neck, Breasts and Face
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