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Braun Series Clean & Renew Cartridge Pack Lemonfresh 2's

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The Clean & Renew Cartridges keep your Braun blades in top condition, ensuring you continue to get a close and gentle shave. A lemon-fresh formula lubricates the shaver’s blades and refreshes your shaving experience. The alcohol-based cleaning solution is proven to be up to ten times more hygienic than cleaning your shaver under running water, removing 99.9% of all germs.

  • For usage instructions, read the information on the package carefully
  • Replace the refill cartridge every 3 months to experience a shaver like new, every day
  • Use only as recommended or directed on the package

  • Alcohol based formula
  • Lemon-fresh refreshing scent
  • High energy lubricants
  • Compatible with all Braun Cleaning Centers.
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