MOHAP License number: NFG1YBGQ-180523

Credo Solingen Nail Clipper 82mm


Credo Solingen introduces this Nail scissors straight 82 mm that is perfect for cutting intense toenails. It includes a hard core scissors with sharp, straight front lines for exact application. Ensures steady prime quality for safe nail trim and pedicure needs.Precise application this scissors has straight and sharp front lines. Uncompromising scissors makes cutting toenails agreeable and safe. what's more, its is particularly intended to give ideal control this nail scissors sports a handle

  • Hold the nail clippers in your hand with your thumb on the lever and the base resting against your index finger if you're right handed
  • If using clippers with a plier-style handle, hold the two handles in the palm of your hand and wrap your fingers around them so that you have a comfortable grip that allows you to squeeze the handles together without slipping
  • Clip the nail as per your requirement

  • Durable and carefully engineered
  • Safe manicure and pedicure instruments

Credo Solingen Nail Clipper 82mm

Credo Solingen Nail Clipper 82mm
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