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DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks 75's


DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks features scrubbing floss to remove food and plaque, a textured pick to deep clean between teeth and a built-in tongue scraper to keep breath fresh all day long. Conventional dental floss can’t always remove food and plaque in hard-to-reach interdental spaces. DenTek offers a triple-clean flossing product that helps keep your whole mouth healthy. Try DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks. When you need to remove food and plaque after eating, doctors recommend flossing to prevent cavities, gum disease and other dental health problems. Protect your teeth against stains and decay by flossing after every meal.

  • Gently slide floss up and down between teeth, allowing the floss to wrap around teeth
  • Clean above and below the gum line
  • Rinse as necessary

  • Break-proof scrubbing dental floss is ideal for tight teeth
  • Built-in tongue cleaner helps fight bad breath for better oral hygiene
  • Textured floss pick deep cleans between teeth and stimulates gums
  • Cool minty flavored dental floss leaves your mouth fresh

DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks 75's

DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks 75's
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