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Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Oil Control Skin Renewal Treatment With AHA For Blemish Prone Skin 40ml

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Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Oil Control Skin Renewal Treatment is designed to diminish the appearance of pimples, papules, and pustules, as well as fade acne scars. Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Oil Control Skin Renewal Treatment contains Glycolic Acid (AHA), Salicylic Acid (BHA), and Gluconolactone (PHA). This revolutionary and powerful 10% Hydroxy Complex opens pores, promotes the removal of dead skin cells, and aids in skin renewal. It is effective on all mild to moderate forms of acne and has a threefold impact. The 10% Hydroxy Complex contains a highly powerful combination of peeling ingredients (Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Polyhydroxy Acid) that assist to resurface skin, unclog pores, eliminate germs, remove dead skin cells, and prevent new blemishes from forming. The mix also contains Licochalcone A, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort. Eucerin DermoPurifyer Skin Renewal Treatment noticeably improves skin after just one week, gradually showing brighter and smoother-looking skin. Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Oil Control Skin Renewal Treatment can be used throughout pregnancy, but should not be used on skin that is undergoing medical acne treatment.

  • Apply a small amount of Eucerin Dermo Purifyer Oil Control Skin Renewal Treatment (approximately the size of a pea) on a freshly washed face. Massage gently onto the skin, once a day, preferably in the evening.
  • Avoid making contact with your eyes.
  • Advice: Start with a tiny area of skin. A minor tingling feeling may occur; however, if your skin reacts visibly, see your dermatologist or pharmacist. This product contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which may make your skin more sensitive to the sun and increase the risk of sunburn. As a result, we recommend that you restrict your sun exposure while using this product and for one week afterward.

  • Promotes the removal of dead skin cells
  • Supports skin rejuvenation, resulting in clearer, more even skin
  • Unclogs pores and minimizes blemishes
  • Helps to minimize blemishes and soothes the skin
  • Effective from the first application, displaying cleaner and smoother skin with time
  • Enhances the natural process of epidermal and dermal regeneration
  • Significantly decreases P. acnes, the bacteria on the skin's surface

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Eucerin DermoPurifyer Skin Renewal Treatment 40ml
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