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Germaine De Capuccini Time Expert Rides Refinition Serum 50ml

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Germaine de Capuccini reaches a new level of perfection for the skin with Refinition refining illuminating booster. A powerful serum, highly concentrated in sophisticated ingredients, that instantly transforms the skin, corrects the tone, the texture and the wrinkles, restoring the beauty typical of youthfulness.

  • Use every day, morning and/or night, after the Correction cream lines/wrinkles or the usual treatment cream

  • It has a rich and incredibly silky texture. Oil-free
  • Triple skin correcting technology 3HD Correction, high-definition correctors:
  • 1. HD Tone Correction - Tone correcting technology
  • 2. HD Texture Correction - Texture correcting technology
  • 3. HD Lines Correction - Wrinkle correcting technology
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