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Gum Easy Flossers 30's


GUM Easy Flossers is an ultra-resistant dental floss holder. Ready to use. Dental wax, menthol and ultra-resistant, crimped on the V-shaped wire holder. Easily slides between the teeth. Gently removes dental plaque between teeth and under the gum, areas inaccessible with a toothbrush. Contains a convenient travel case. Special ultra shred resistant floss coated with Fluoride and Vitamin E. Comfortable grip handle.

  • Tense the thread by pinching it between thumbs and index fingers
  • Slowly slide the stretched wire between the teeth, to the gum
  • Then, holding the wire against the tooth, make a vertical movement from the gum to the tooth

  • Efficiently removes plaque between teeth and under the gumline
  • Ultra-resistant yarn covered with Vitamin E and Fluorine
  • Nice grip. Ready to use

Gum Easy Flossers 30's

Gum Easy Flossers 30's
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