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Gum Ortho Orthodontic Wax


GUM Ortho Orthodontic Wax is used to relieve discomfort when wearing orthodontic appliances. With its help, you can protect the sharp parts of the camera so that they do not cause irritation to the oral mucosa. To soften the camera's irritating effect, you can stick a piece of soft wax on the zipper or its sharp, irritating element. It is not always used, but only in justified cases. If, after putting the device on, you feel that some of its components are rubbing the mucous membrane (most often they are around the rings or brackets on the teeth set very incorrectly), use wax, sticking it, after drying on those elements of the camera that cause irritation. If the wax is worn off (washed off, eaten), we apply it again.

  • Please read the information provided before using

  • To prevent the wounds and isolate the irritated tissues
  • Helps to relieve discomfort when wearing orthodontic appliances
  • Translucid, it remains invisible

Gum Ortho Orthodontic Wax

Gum Ortho Orthodontic Wax
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