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Gum Trav-ler Interdental Brush 0.8mm


The innovative Gum Trav-ler Interdental was developed by Gum Sunstar to remove more plaque and provide maximum comfort and efficiency in every use. Proven efficiency: removes up to 25% more slab thanks to its innovative design with a triangular brush. The antibacterial protection offered by the brush helps to avoid cross-contamination (chlorhexidine coated brushes). Its modern and ergonomic design offers maximum comfort and control thanks to its larger, flexible and non-slip handle. Its flexible (45 ° -90 °) neck easily reaches the back teeth.

  • Interdental brushes are best used after each meal, so as not to allow its residues in the gaps and sedimentation of bacterial plaque on the teeth and gums
  • You can also use, like a traditional manual toothbrush, only twice a day - in the morning and before bedtime, before or after the usual brushing
  • Keep it away from children

  • To reduce the chance of injuries and to prevent damage to the tooth enamel, the yarn is coated and the handle tip is round to ensure gum protection
  • Bendable neck to reach back teeth easily
  • Includes hygiene cap

Gum Trav-ler Interdental Brush 0.8mm

Gum Trav-ler Interdental Brush 0.8mm
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