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Killy Lice Shampoo Anti-Lice 80ml

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This is a combination medication that contains 2 active ingredients: pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide. This medication is used to treat head lice and crab lice infestations. Pyrethrins belong to the group of medications called insecticides. Pyrethrins are naturally occurring insecticides that are extracted from the flowers of chrysanthemum plants. It works by paralyzing and killing lice. Piperonyl butoxide increases the amount of time that the product is effective by preventing the breakdown of pyrethrin.

  • Apply sufficient quantity of the shampoo on damp hair or other infested areas
  • Leave on the air for 10- 15 minutes
  • Add water to form a thick form with shampoo, comb hair while still damp with a fine-tooth comb to remove dead lice
  • Repeat treatment after one week for additional insurance

  • Effective and safe one-step treatment
  • To Eliminate lice infestation of the head and body
  • Contains 2 active ingredients pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide

Killy Lice Shampoo Anti-Lice 80ml

Killy Lice Shampoo Anti-Lice 80ml
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