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Lierac Body-Slim Triple Action Concentrate 200ml

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Lierac Body Slim Triple Action Concentrate Serum 200ML is a triple action body contouring formula which helps to combat the appearance of dimpled skin, slackening. It contain WTB system which includes sacred lotus, white willow, peptide biotech to burn fat, with lipo reverse(12.5%),a concentrate of caffeine,glaucine and elder extract, an active ingredient for its clearing action.This vanishing serum offers complete body contouring action to correct all visible signs of stubborn cellulite. It is capable of transforming fat storing adipocytes into fat burning adipocytes, and of eliminating the lipids contained in these adipocytes. It also transforms white adipocytes into fibroblast type cells capable of synthesizing collagen fibers.

  • Gently massage onto target areas as thighs, hips, buttocks once or twice a day.

  • Effective after 14 days of application
  • The skin becomes smoother, firmer and thinner
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