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Masters Professional Everlashes Flare Lashes Small 56's

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Masters Professional Everlashes Lashes enhances the beauty of your eyes by adding these wonderful eyelashes to them. Moreover, Masters Professional Everlashes Lashes is made with 100% natural hair, these lashes maintain the natural suppleness of your eyes. Furthermore, Masters Professional Everlashes Lashes is waterproof and long-lasting, they add an edgy and attractive appeal to your eyes.

  • Make sure the tape size is consistent with the eyelid; you can cut the excess
  • Apply a thin layer of adhesive over the tape
  • Wait 30 seconds and apply the tape to the lash line in the eyelid
  • Make sure it is stable by gently pressing it
  • Removal: Begin by gently removing the blink from the outside of the eye. Remove the adhesive from the tape and place it in its case for further use

  • Fit and align band with the natural lash line
  • waterproof and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and reusable
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