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Mavala Mavadry Nail Polish Dryer Spray 150ml

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Mavadry dries nail polish in a few seconds, prevents flaking, enhances nail color and gives a brilliant shine. This transparent spray makes polish dry faster, prevents smearing and gives a high lustre to nails. Easy and rapid to apply, wait one minute after nail polish application to spray directly on your nails. Immediately, the nail polish is dry, protected and radiant. It avoids the nail polish to flake and brings shine to the nails.

  • After final application of nail color, wait a minute for it to set and then lightly spray on Mavadry on the entire nail surface
  • Holding the container approximately 30 cm from the nails Wait a few seconds for Mavadry spray to dry
  • Keep it away from Children's reach

  • Reduces chipping and prevents smearing or smudging
  • Brings luster and gives yet more protection
  • Easy to use
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