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Max Zinc Oxide Tape 7.5cm


Max Zinc Oxide Tape protects joints from injury and sprains, and provides support to help speed recovery after injury. Also used on equipment, such as baseball bats or hockey sticks.
1. Cotton substrate
2. no allergic reactions
3. Soft and comfortable
4. Good tensile strength
5. Non elastic, provide maximum compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation
7. Strong and reliable stickiness
8. Constant unwinding tension
9. leaves no residue on body parts

  • Supporting bandages for strains and sprains
  • Sports equipment binding
  • Singly use only

  • Ideal for sports applications
  • A stronger, more adhesive tape that stays fixed for longer
  • Particularly useful in wet conditions

Max Zinc Oxide Tape 7.5cm

Max Zinc Oxide Tape 7.5cm
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