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Medi Cotton Crepe B/A 7.5cmx4.5m


This Bandages are used to help keep a wound clean while still allowing air to ventilate the bandage and skin and help the wound to heal. The woven fabric nature of the bandage is what makes it effective in ventilating. It also makes it absorbent which is useful as it helps prevent excess moisture around the wound site.

  • Firstly, it is important to maintain a sterile zone. That means using sterile gloves, applicator swabs, and making sure any dressings used are sterile too
  • The wound must be clean and dry. Then, wrap the affected area or primary dressing
  • Lastly, if securing with tape or adhesive, do not secure it so tightly that the dressing can't shift with the body's movement

  • Can be used on wounds where infection is already present and in the process of treatment
  • Can be combined with topical medicines for such purposes

Medi Cotton Crepe B/A 7.5cmx4.5m

Medi Cotton Crepe B/A 7.5cmx4.5m
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