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Milky Makers Signature Lactation Cookies To Increase Breast Milk Supply, Chocolate Chips


Milky Makers Signature Lactation Cookies is a type of snack in the form of a cookie that helps encourage. Milky Makers Signature Lactation Cookies are heavenly organic chocolate chip lactation cookies made for milky mamas. The Milky Makers® Signature nursing cookies are made of oats, flaxseeds and other delicious milk boosting ingredients – they are magically delicious and formulated specifically to increase mama’s milk supply. Increasing your breast milk supply ensures your baby can feed to their heart’s content. Milky Makers Signature Lactation Cookies contains herbal galactagogues such as oats and flaxseed which can provide a small to moderate increase in milk production. They are healthy for mama and baby too. Adequate nutrition is an important part of milk production, so simply filling in some of those nutritional gaps may be enough to increase the supply. Milky Makers® Oat Lactation cookies can also provide some necessary nutrients and calories that breastfeeding mothers need.

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  • This box has 10 treats. Milky Makers do not use brewer yeast and all their treats are halal.
  • Consumption: Two treats a day to prevent engorgement.
  • The cookies are freshly made. They can be frozen up to 6 months or kept on a dry place for 7 weeks.
  • Make sure to pump or breast-feed 8 to 10 times in 24 hours for the ultimate result. Galactagogues are effective when used in conjunction with frequent nursing or pumping.

  • Helps increase a mother's milk supply
  • Provides the necessary calories and nutrients while nursing
  • Helps nourish the postpartum body
  • Tastes delicious, fairly filling and helps you stay energetic
  • Can be a great addition to your breastfeeding diet
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