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Pigeon Nose Cleaner Aspirator Nasal


Soft silicone security spout is delicate on child's mucous layers. Delicate and squeezable silicone siphon for convenience. Pigeon's Nose cleaner is specially designed with a soft nozzle for easy cleaning of mucus in baby's nostril whilst taking care not to damage the delicate mucus membranes. The flexible bulb allows for easy adjustment of the suctioning strength.

  • Hold your baby securely in your arms while using
  • Supporting your baby with one hand, hold the nose cleaner in the other and insert the tip of the nose cleaner nozzle into your baby’s nostril
  • Start by suctioning slowly and adjust as needed

  • Specially designed to help suck the mucus from baby's nose
  • Tip of the nose cleaner is made of silicone, which is soft, and will not hurt the baby during usage
  • Suction can be controlled

Pigeon Nose Cleaner Aspirator Nasal

Pigeon Nose Cleaner Aspirator Nasal
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