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Prospan Cough Syrup 200ml

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All you need to do is enter the necessary equation measurement for each jug bolstering into various containers.When your child is prepared to encourage, ensure the water in the jug has the fitting temperature, at that point embed the milk powder from the holder into the bottle.And it is the way toward getting ready milk turns out to be progressively agreeable and bother free.

  • Unless otherwise prescribed, children > 1-year-old: 1 teaspoonful, 3 times daily
  • Schoolchildren and adolescents: 2 teaspoonsful, 3 times daily
  • Adults: 2 to 3 teaspoonsful, 3 times daily
  • Shake well before use

  • Liquefies mucus and facilitates expulsion of phlegm
  • Calms coughing and improves breathing
  • Contains natural herbal extract, free from alcohol, sugar and artificial colouring

Prospan Cough Syrup 200ml

Prospan Cough Syrup 200ml
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