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Repavar Regenarate Pure Rosehip Oil 15ml

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Repavar Regenarate Pure Rosehip Oil is a pure oil that acts as a healing and deep repair of the altered skin, which provides elasticity to it and attenuates wrinkles. It includes growth factors in an innovative improved formula thanks to advanced dermatological research, for healing and regenerating action of double potency. Especially indicated to restore the skin with burns, with irritations, with erosions and to repair the scar tissue. It provides more elastic skin, minimizes inflammatory agents and attenuates wrinkles and skin blemishes. For use of the skin of the face and body, except mucous membranes.

  • Please read the label before use
  • For external use only

  • Restores the skin deeply
  • Provides elasticity
  • Regains the skin’s former tautness
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