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Sensitive Skin Lab The Cool Rescue Mist 150Ml

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Sensilis The Cool Rescue Hydra-Soothing Mist 150ml is a facial mist that not only hydrates but also soothes the skin. Fresh and easy to apply, it is ideal to rescue and invigorate the skin. This product replaces the Sensilis Ritual Care Hydro-Nourishing Toner with a new formula and packaging. Suitable for all skin types, this vegan facial mist tones the skin and delivers lightweight hydration thanks to powerful actives. To begin with, hyaluronic acid has a unique ability to hold on to water and replenishes the skin with hydration. In addition, pro-vitamin B5 offers a soothing and regenerating action that helps to reduce redness while providing the skin with lasting comfort. As you apply the mist, it actively works to soothe sensitive, irritated and reactive skin, delivering intense hydration as well as comfort. Use it daily as part of your skincare regimen or apply it throughout the day to refresh the skin as needed.

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Use Sensilis The Cool Rescue Hydra-Soothing Mist 150ml as a facial toner or as a refreshing mist throughout the day. Apply it from a distance, from about 15cm or 6 inches. Facial toner: Apply a few spritzes directly over the face after cleansing the skin. The following step is to apply your favorite facial moisturizer; Refreshing mist: Vaporize the mist onto the face throughout the day, even over makeup. Reapply as often as needed in order to soothe and refresh the skin.

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