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Serenity Classic Super Adut Diapers XL 15's


Serenity Adult Diapers are recommended for incontinence problems and particularly suited for the bedridden.The delicate outer coating nonwoven tessutotraspirante waterproof and particularly sgambatura make the skin breathe, prevenendogli redness and promoting movements, while the wraparound design, the morbidafascia abdominal elastic rubber bands and curved front and rear the rendonoconfortevole, allowing great fit.

  • Use as often as required

  • Super absorbent briefs.
  • Offer great protection and keep the skin dry.
  • Handle both bladder and bowel incontinence.
  • Worn for long periods.
  • Anatomic shape, soft elastics around the legs and convenient adhesive tabs that can be repositioned offer great protection against any type of leakage, ensuring utmost comfort.

Serenity Classic Super Adut Diapers XL 15's

Serenity Classic Super Adut Diapers XL 15's
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