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Tom Oliver Omega 3 Softgels 60's


The Herring Caviar extract in our products is derived from the roe of Norwegian spring spawning herring caught off the west coast of Norway. This Herring Caviar provides Marine Omega Phospholipids (MOPL) rich in DHA & EPA in a very favourable DHA/EPA ratio and Choline. Combined with fish oils from Anchovy and Sardine caught off the coast of Peru and Chile, an already well recognised source of marine omega-3 triglycerides, the Omega 3 Herring Caviar provides a formulation you "just can't beat".

  • As a food supplement for adults, take one capsule daily at mealtimes or as your health professional advises
  • Do not exceed recommended dose

  • Imrpoves Cardiovascular, Brain health and function
  • Improves Eye health and vision
  • Improves Lung health & Skin health
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improves insulin sensitivity

Tom Oliver Omega 3 Softgels 60's

Tom Oliver Omega 3 Softgels 60's
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