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Vichy DermaBlend Corrective Compact Cream Foundation SPF30 Nude 9.5 g

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The compact cream corrective foundation blends on the skin for a natural finish, thanks to its supple texture, it perfectly and easily works into the skin. It glides on to be evenly distributed, providing optimal and full coverage for an even and luminous result. Indications: coverage of minor to severe skin flaws: uneven skin texture, dark circles, diffused redness, dark spots, rosacea, vitiligo, scar and post-burn marks.

  • Cleanse skin thoroughly and apply your usual moisturizer before make-up
  • Prepare: according to the skin imperfection that you wish to correct, take a measured quantity of the product with the sponge, making small circular movements
  • Apply and blend: apply by gently dabbing on the product with a sponge and gently blend the product from the center of the face outwards for an even and quick application
  • Reinforce: depending on the imperfection you wish to correct: reapply to the imperfection zone by tapping a second time

  • Instantly, skin imperfections - minor to severe- appear perfectly concealed
  • No marks or heavy residue are left and there is no dry, mask-like effect
  • The complexion looks even, naturally radiant and luminous; the skin feels supple and comfortable
  • An ultra-blendable texture that can be stretched into a thin film for an even result
  • High content in mineral pigments, pearlescent beads, kaolin, structuring waxes, and a combination of oils
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