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Eloa Organic Aloe Vera Drink Pomegranate Flavor 500ml

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ELOA is a freshly produced organic aloe vera drink that is 100% certified, gluten-free, GMO-free and a true vegan drink. A healthy and organic aloe vera drink enhanced with naturally added flavor and fresh chunks of aloe vera pulp for a nice crunch. Enjoy this less sweet drink that is a refreshing alternative to water or fruit juice. This aloe vera drink will satisfy your cravings for a sweet drink, making it the perfect replacement for water or fruit juice. This guilt-free drink can be enjoyed by your whole family and your kids will love it too.
POMEGRANATE FLAVOR: When the pomegranate meet the crunchy of the aloe vera pulp for a drink full of greed.

  • No preparation required.
  • Enjoy guilt free!
  • Shake well before drink and refrigerate after opening.

  • ELOA contains fresh Aloe Vera pulp only, and our drinks are bottled within 48 hours after harvest.
  • This guarantees a high level of freshness, and an unbeatable sensation of crunchiness.
  • Contains 13% Aloe vera pulp, aloe pieces making it crisp and crunchy
  • 100% Organic, Gluten-free and Non-GMO.
  • Contains natural flavors, our recipes contain no preservatives, no colorants, no powder, or gel.

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Eloa Organic Aloe Vera Drink Pomegranate Flavor 500ml
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