MOHAP License number: NFG1YBGQ-180523

Lysaskin Atolys Moisturising Emulsion 200ml


Lysaskin Atolys Moisturizing Emulsion is body emulsion with durable mitigating impact. Atolys contains a restricted measure of urea to keep away from the sentiment of aggravation of sores during times of atopic skin inflammation sessions. The emulsion is improved with copper, zinc, and rhamnose in this manner limitting the danger of bacterial contamination and super-disease. It keeps up the hydrating impact of urea up to half longer than other hydration items on account of the licensed dynamic fixing Urodium (Urodium).

  • Apply 1 to 2 times a day after bath.

  • Suitable for adults and infants
  • Body emulsion with long lasting soothing effect
  • Limiting the risk of bacterial infection and super- infection
  • Easy to use

Lysaskin Atolys Moisturising Emulsion 200ml

Lysaskin Atolys Moisturising Emulsion 200ml
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