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Nicotinell Mint 2mg Chewing Gum 12's

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You will get those sudden urges to smoke and it won't be easy to resist. Chewing our Nicotinell Gum releases nicotine to help manage that peak urge. Nicotinell chewing gum is available in different strengths and flavours, helping you to vary tastes and find what works best for you.

  • Chew until you start tasting a strong flavour of nicotine.
  • Let the gum rest between your cheek and gums until the taste begins to fade.
  • Start chewing the gum again
  • Repeat the chewing routine for about 30 minutes.

  • This gum make it easier for you to stop smoking because it helps you control your cravings.
  • It is easy to chew with a crispy coating just like normal gum.
  • This 2mg chewing gum is applicable for light smoker who consumes between 10 - 20 cigarettes per day.

Nicotinell Mint 2mg Chewing Gum 12's

Nicotinell Mint 2mg Chewing Gum 12's
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