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Optifarm Toallitasglass Cleaning Wipes 24's

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Only those of us who wear glasses know how awkward it is to wear dirty or fogged glass. After raining or by simply walking on the street, our glasses absorb dust motes that prevent us from seeing clearly. The lens cleaning wipes of Optifarm are designed for perfect cleaning of glasses and any other glass surface or synthetic materials. Its wet texture has an anti-fog and anti-dust effect to clean mineral and organic crystals and ensure cleanliness with lasting effect .These goggles are also recommended for the conservation of treated glass or for use with other optical instruments such as CDs, DVDs or cameras

  • Open the wipe through the indicated area
  • Apply evenly on the surface to be cleaned
  • Discard the wipe with household waste

  • To offer a more lasting cleaning to your glasses
  • They are ideal for organic and mineral crystals
  • Serve to clean other glass surfaces or synthetic materials

Optifarm Toallitasglass Cleaning Wipes 24's

Optifarm Toallitasglass Cleaning Wipes 24's
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