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OtoTap Mini Ear Plugs Rubber 2's

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Tired of your neighbors not letting you sleep? You're going to study in the library but people's whispers won't let you concentrate? If you like to enjoy silence, but your environment doesn't help, the best option is to try the earplugs. OtoTap rubber earplugs are specifically designed with a special polymer to preserve the ear from noise, wind, dust, sand, etc. Thanks to the insulating action of these earplugs, you will prevent the ear canal from becoming infected, promote relaxation and prevent the difficulty of falling asleep due to annoying noises.


  • Mould the plugs with your fingers
  • Gently push into the ear until the outer ear canal is blocked
  • Hold the earplug down for a few seconds until it adapts to the shape of the ear
  • To remove, gently pinch Ototap and remove

  • Designed with a special polymer to preserve the ear from noise, wind, dust, sand, etc
  • Prevent the ear canal from becoming infected
  • Comfortable to use and easy to put on

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OtoTap Mini Ear Plugs Rubber 2's
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