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Bel Clinic Celu Top Shock Ampoules 12amp

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Bel Clinic by developing Celu Top Shock Reduced Cellulite Concentrate has developed a high concentration solution of activated ingredients as shock treatment for cellulite-reducing treatments. Moreover, Celu Top Shock Ampoules has been prepared by Bel Clinic to be used in any type of current electrical appliances for external use (ionization, etc.). There are some indications for using Bel Clinic Celu Top Shock Ampoules that are skins with cellulitis, swellings and hiperlipids.

  • Indications and dosage in the enclosed leaflet
  • Or as recommended by your healthcare specialist
  • Keep it away from children's reach

  • Solving high concentration of ingredients activated shock treatment for reducing cellulite treatments
  • Prepared to be used in a advanced aesthetic equipment external use (ionization, etc)
  • Topical use Not-injectable
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