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Viz Eyelid Cleaning Wipes 30's

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Viz Eyelid Cleaning Wipes decreases eyelid bacterial growth by cleaning your eyelids and lashes daily,  you remove unwanted dead skin cells and debris. The removal of old makeup promotes healthy overall eye health. promotes younger, shinier looking eyelids  Your eyes need daily gentle exfoliating just like the rest of your body. By practicing daily eyelid exfoliation, you remove dead, older looking cells on your eyelids. Your eyelids will soon be looking more youthful.

  • Open packet and remove MediViz Eyelid Wipe
  • Unfold wipe, close eye, and wipe eyelid and eyelashes with a gentle, sweeping motion
  • Do not flush wipe
  • Do not use wipe on an open eye
  • No rinsing necessary

  • Cleans Eyelids and Lashes
  • Removes Lid Debris
  • Removes Pollen and other causes for allergies
  • Keeps Lubrication Glands Clear and Open
  • Removes Dandruff from Base of Eyelashes

Viz Eyelid Cleaning Wipes 30's

Viz Eyelid Cleaning Wipes 30's
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