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Ascensia Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit

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The Contour TS only has 2 buttons - which means its suited to those who want uncomplicated testing. A blood glucose test with the Contour TS takes 5 seconds. To perform a test, simply insert the test strip into the Easy-to-See Orange Port in the meter and apply a drop of blood (0.6 Microliter) to the strip. The Contour TS switches itself off automatically when you remove the strip. The meter uses No Coding technology, has a 250 test memory and uses the Contour TS blood glucose test strip. This kit contains the following items: Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter Contour TS User Guide, Contour TS Quick Reference Guide, MICROLET 2 Adjustable Lancing Device, 5 Lancets, Carrying Case and 10 Test Strips.

  • Please read the instructions carefully before use

  • The auto-calibration feature of the Contour glucometer saves time and reduces user error to ensure accurate test results each time you use the Contour meter
  • The Ascensia Contour glucometer only requires 0.6 microliters of blood reducing the pain associated with diabetic glucose testing
  • The meter also compensates for interference during testing for reliable test results
  • The Contour glucometer is designed to be easy to use for people of all ages

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Ascensia Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit
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