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Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical 200ml


Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo refreshes and revitalizes hair between washes. With a deliciously exotic fragrance, it revitalizes greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes. Instantly leaves your hair feeling clean, full of body and smelling beautiful. The summerly exotic scent cleanses the hair completely without using water, refreshes and revitalizes it in a pleasant way. The hint of coconut just makes you feel good and gives the hair structure and a fresh look at the same time. Quick and convenient to use wherever you are.

  • Shake it up. Before using and between sprays. The more you shake, the better. This step is key to preventing white residue
  • Separate your hair into sections, hold the bottle 12” away, and spray into your roots. Use a little or a lot — it just depends on what you need. P.S. Don’t forget the back of your head
  • Get in there! Use your fingertips, to massage Batiste into your hair. Leave in for a minute while Batiste works its magic. Use this time to finish getting ready — or stare into space
  • Brush, comb, or tease (whatever your hair needs), style, and get going — and maybe one last spray for good luck

  • Revitalizes hair and removes excess grease
  • Hair feels clean and fresh with added body
  • Version Tropical mix of coconut, melon, peach and banana with a hint of wanili.

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical 200ml
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