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Bepanthen Plus Wound Healing Cream, Disinfects Without Stinging and Supports Wounds Healing, 30g


Bepanthen Plus Wound Healing cream effectively protects your skin from infection and inflammation whenever it gets cut or scratched. This disinfectant cream has special formula, with carefully chosen, high quality healing agents, speeds up the recovery process of damaged skin. Bepanthen Plus Cream contains a combination of mild disinfectant substances and dexpanthenol, known also as Pro Vitamin B5. The disinfectant substances help to protect minor wounds from infection, while the Pro Vitamin B5 speeds up the natural regeneration process of the skin, helping it to heal faster. This cream can treat many small wounds, from scratches and cuts to mild burns.

  • Apply Bepanthen Plus cream in a thin layer to clean wounds or inflamed skin as needed until they have completely healed.

  • Bepanthen Plus wound healing cream is a colorless disinfecting cream that helps prevent and combat infection and promote healing.
  • Bepanthen Plus can be used by both adults and children to treat minor scrapes, cuts, scratches, chaps, burns, sores, and infections.
  • This cream can also be used to help treat cracked nipples during breastfeeding.

Bepanthen Plus Wound Healing Cream 30g

Bepanthen Plus Wound Healing Cream 30g
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