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Beurer Hk 25 Electric Heat Pad


The Beurer HK25 Heating Pad is designed for warming the human body. It allows you to apply targeted warmth to the area of the body that you would like to heat. Heat promotes the circulation of blood in the treatment area, bringing oxygen and nutrients in the blood to help the area self-repair and also helps to relax sore, tired muscles. This heat pad has a safety system. This electronic sensor technology prevents the entire surface of the heating pad from overheating by automatically switching off in the event of a fault. If the safety system switched the pad off automatically as a result of a fault, the temperature display on the unit is no longer illuminated even when the heating pad is switched on.

  • The removable switch with illuminated settings makes selecting the temperature you prefer easy and convenient, even in the dark
  • The Heating Pad is shaped to be easy and comfortable to use on any body part and comes with essential safety features for peace of mind, including an automatic switch-off function that prevents the device from overheating in case you fall asleep while relaxing, and the Beurer Safety System
  • Please refer to the Instruction manual for safety warning about using this product

  • Automatically switch off after approximately 90 minutes
  • Electronic temperature control with the Beurer Safety System
  • Three temperature settings (range: 50 - 75 &dec; C)
  • Removable, washable cotton cover

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Beurer Hk 25 Electric Heat Pad
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