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Bio Oil Skincare Oil For Scars And Stretch Marks 200ml

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Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is a popular skincare product that improves the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and other skin concerns. It contains PurCellin Oil, vitamins A and E, and is known for its moisturizing properties and skin regeneration. Its advanced formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, also makes it highly effective for numerous other skin concerns, including aging skin and dehydrated skin. Bio oil for stretch marks with distinct gel-to-oil texture absorbs easily creating a protective film to resist moisture loss and restore the hydration within the skin. PurCellin also aids in ensuring consistency and absorption, and reducing formula's viscosity for easy skin absorption. Vitamin A and E are essential for skin health, promoting collagen formation, skin renewal, and elasticity, while Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties. Clinically tested, it has been proven effective in improving scar appearance, counteracting aging symptoms, and maintaining skin moisture. It can be applied to both face and body, and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones.

  • Apply Bio-Oil Skincare Oil twice daily, morning and night, for optimal results. Incorporate it into your skincare routine and apply twice daily for at least three months, especially during pregnancy, from the first trimester to after birth.

  • Supports the skin to enhance its suppleness throughout pregnancy and times of rapid growth
  • Aids in preventing the development of stretch marks
  • Enhances the appearance of both fresh and old scars
  • Preserves the scar tissue's flexibility in joints and other high-mobility areas
  • Moisturizes parched skin to enhance its comfort and look
  • Makes the skin more supple, silky, and softer
  • Helps to balance and moisturize the skin
  • Helps to tone and smooth out aging and wrinkled skin on the body and face
  • Vitamin E raises the epidermis's moisture content
  • Vitamin A helps to improve the skin's tone, texture, and suppleness

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Bio Oil 200ml
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