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Corega Full Denture Cleanser Tablets 36's


Have you tried Corega fixatives? Even if you have well-fitting dentures, use Super Corega denture fixatives to enhance your comfort, confidence and extra bite force with dentures. Super Corega. Denture fixative powder. Mild mint flavor. Holds dentures firmly in place. Longer holding. Corega, denture fixative cream, easy control tip, extra hold. A cleanser specially formulated for your dentures! It also contains baking soda to clean and freshen. Non-abrasive - cleans without scratching. Leaves dentures clean and minty fresh. vs. baseline.

  • Drop one Super Corega denture cleanser tablet into a denture bath or glass containing enough very warm water to fully cover dentures
  • Allow dentures or removable bridge to soak in the effervescing solution for 3 minutes
  • After soa

  • Remove plaque and stubborn stains
  • Provide a fresh and minty taste
  • Helps prevent the formation of tartar and inflammation

Corega Full Denture Cleanser Tablets 36's

Corega Full Denture Cleanser Tablets 36's
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