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Dr. Scholl's Amope Pedi Perfect Mixed Pack Replacement Roller Head Refills For Electric Foot File, Set of 2


Amope Pedi Perfect Replacement Roller Heads For Electric Foot File are designed for use in Amope® Pedi Perfect® electronic foot files to buff away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with touchably soft, smooth feet you can be confident in showing off. These roller heads are available in different coarseness levels to address your changing foot skincare needs. Get soft beautiful feet effortlessly whenever and wherever. Refillable roller head spins 360 degrees for quick results on thick, callused skin. Roller heads are made with finely ground diamond crystals for quick and effective, yet gentle exfoliation for the perfect pedicure at home. Replace roller head when it starts to show signs of wear, which will depend on the intensity/duration of your treatments. Brand recommend replacing it every 3 months for ideal efficacy. Amope® Pedi Perfect roller heads removes thick, hard skin to reveal beautifully soft, touchable feet after just one use. Your feet will look and feel great with every step you take.

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  • Changing the Roller Head: Replace the roller head when you find it becomes less effective. Follow the steps below.
  • Step 1. Turn the Foot File off. Remove the roller by pressing the eject button on the side of the unit and gently pulling the roller away.
  • Step 2. To place the new roller head into the foot file, press in the pin on each end of the roller head. Slide the head between the tines of the Foot File until the pins align with and snap into the holes in the foot file. Ensure the new roller head is securely attached to the Foot File before use.

  • Removes hard, scaley, and dead skin from your feet to make them healthy and smooth
  • A pedicure tool that helps you groom within the comfort of your home
  • Helpful in avoiding painful corns or calluses
  • Promotes the skin's health and blood circulation of the feet
  • Suitable to use on both wet or dry skin
  • Effectively and effortlessly removes very hard skin
  • Roller head spins 360° for quick results
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