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Dr. Scholl's Dry Cracked Foot Repair Ultra-Hydrating Foot Cream 99g


Dr. Scholl's Dry Cracked Foot Repair Ultra-Hydrating Foot Cream is an intensely hydrating foot cream for dry, cracked feet and heels, restoring your skin’s natural moisture balance. This foot cream for foot dryness is a proprietary blend of ingredients including urea, Epsom Salt and essential oils formulated to heal, soothe and restore dry, cracked skin to reveal healthy feet. Dr. Scholl's foot cream for dry, cracked heels is a Professional-Strength Formula, with proprietary Urea complex with the ideal level of urea (25%). Levels of Epsom salt comparable to that in a soaking bath, and essential oils like peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus penetrate and help soothe irritated, dry feet. Soothing ingredients like Epsom Salt and essential oils, draws moisture deep into the skin, supercharging skin hydration, while improving the skin penetration of Epsom salt, making it more effective.

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  • Apply liberally on dry, cracked skin and rub into skin until absorbed. Best applied to affected areas immediately after showering or after dampening skin. Reapply as needed.

  • Provides much-needed moisture to relieve dry and damaged feet
  • Creates a protective barrier over your feet to keep them from becoming dry or cracked
  • Foot moisturizer offers unique skin softening and moisturization
  • This cracked heel treatment deeply moisturizes to heal and repair dry, cracked feet
  • Restores the skin’s natural moisture balance to reveal soft feet and healthy feet
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