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Eucerin Aquaphor SOS Lip Balm For Dry & Cracked Lip Repair 10ml


Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Balm For Dry & Cracked Lip Repair has been clinically and dermatologically proven to moisturize and mend dry, cracked lips. Most people have dry and cracked lips at some point. They are uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and can cause us to feel self-conscious. They require SOS care, and Eucerin Aquaphor SOS Lip Repair provides rapid care and relief in 60 seconds. Our lips have thin skin and no sebaceous glands, therefore they are prone to drying out. Cold air and the sun exacerbate the problem by drying out our lips. The formula, which contains glycerin, dexpanthenol, bisabolol, and vitamins C and E, forms a great protective barrier for lip skin regeneration, making lips smooth and supple again. The 5% Dexpanthenol in the composition promotes skin regeneration and healing. It has been shown to reduce skin irritation symptoms and promote moisture in the skin's outer layers. It works with glycerin, another excellent moisturizer that draws and retains water in the skin, offering long-lasting hydration and care. Bisabolol, recognized for its anti-inflammatory characteristics, and Vitamins C and E nourish stressed skin while also protecting it from external elements, all contribute to the balm's regeneration impact. The balm contains no fragrances or preservatives and is packaged in a convenient 10ml squeeze container. It is intended for adults and children aged three and up. Clinical and dermatological trials demonstrate excellent care efficacy and tolerability, even for troubled skin.

  • Use Eucerin Aquaphor SOS Lip Repair Balm on your lips as needed. To keep the lips and the area just outside the mouth hydrated, apply a thin, consistent coating. A consistent lip care practice helps keep your lips soft and smooth. Apply when your lips feel dry.

  • Repairs, protects and soothes dry, cracked lips
  • Provides quick care and relief in 60 seconds
  • Instantly relieves and protects dry, cracked lips
  • Makes lips feel softer
  • Leaves a lovely sensation on your lips
  • Provides skin with long-term hydration and care
  • Forms a protective, semi-occlusive barrier over the skin
  • Improves skin's natural barrier function

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Eucerin Aquaphor SOS Lip Balm 10ml
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