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Holland & Barrett Grapeseed Complex Capsules 60's

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Each Holland & Barrett Grapeseed Complex Capsule is standardised to contain 125mg of polyphenols. The complex contains a wide variety of other berry, bark, leaf, seed and root extracts.

Polyphenols have been a source of natural remedies for thousands of years.

Nutritional Information:
Each capsule contains
Acai Berry No.1: 106mg
Grape Seed Extract No.10: 132mg
Olive Leaf Extract No.11: 15mg
Oregano Extract No.12: 57mg
Pine Bark Extract No.13: 30mg
Pomegranate Extract No.14: 30mg
Resveratrol No.15: 6mg
Bilberry Extract No.2: 57mg
Black Pepper Extract No.3: 0.15mg
Black Elderberry No.4: 27mg
Cocoa Extract No.5: 12mg
Coenzyme Q10 No.6: 2.85mg
Cranberry Extract No.7: 60mg
Ginger Root Extract No.8: 12mg
Goji Berry Extract No.9: 28.5mg

  • Take one capsule daily, preferably with a meal.
  • Do not exceed stated dose

  • Grapeseed complex with Acai, Bilberry, Pine Bark & Goji
  • Rapid release capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

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Holland & Barrett Grapeseed Complex Capsules 60's
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