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Kiss Professional Manicure Kit


Everything you need to create a salon-quality manicure right at home. This listing is for a Kiss New York 14-Peice Professional Manicure Kit. This kit includes, nail scissors, brush, clippers, cuticle nipper, 4-way buffer, 3 emery boards, cuticle pusher/cleaner, double-sided nail file, double-sided sapphire nail file and 3 manicure sticks.

  • Wipe nails clean with acetone-based polish remover.
  • Trim nails to desired length using nail clipper or scissors.
  • Shape nails as desired using one of the nail files.
  • Using curved side of cuticle pusher/cleaner, gently push back cuticles.
  • Use pointy side of cuticle pusher/cleaner to clean underneath nails.
  • Use buffer to gently smooth ridges and imperfections for nail surface.
  • Wash hands and using nail brush, clean nails while exfoliating skin and cuticles.
  • Gently remove hangnails or excess cuticles with cuticle nipper.
  • Apply selected nail color and if polish gets onto skin/cuticle area, clean with manicure stick.
  • Apply top coat, let dry.

  • This kit is stored in a convenient travel pouch
  • Complete set for DIY manicure

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Kiss Professional Manicure Kit
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