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Labo Oxy-Treat Dark Spots Night Cream 50Ml


While you enjoy your restful sleep, the OXY-TREAT Dark Spots night cream works tirelessly at reducing your pigment spots. It lightens your skin during the night, combats uneven skin tone, and has a rich, thick texture which nourishes your complexion. Active ingredients with a high oxygen content as well as transdermal molecules reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation and generally unify your skin tone.

The product description information listed above is indicative only and sourced from the product manufacturer and/or supplier. It may be possible that the product information is incomplete or inaccurate in certain respects. It is therefore recommended that you use the product description information as a guide, but that you verify the more detailed information in relation to the product upon physical receipt. This would include information on matters such as proper application, potential side-effects, ingrediants and any application/usage guidelines or warning. In the event you have any queries or concerns in relation to the product please contact one of our pharmacists in store or call 800BINSINA for more advice

Apply the OXY-TREAT Dark Spots night cream for hyperpigmentation to your face 1× a day, specifically every night. The cream can be used on its own, during the 2-week intense treatment, or in the subsequent weeks.

kojic acid €’ lightens spots sodium ascorbyl phosphate €’ has lightening and antioxidative effects, protects skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals glycyrrhetinic acid €’ promotes skin lightening by diffusing melanin accumulated in the skin and accelerating the renewal of skin layers Labo patent CH 697 547 (extract from Dunaliella salina algae, vitamin F, zinc gluconate, niacinamide) €’ enhances the ability of the Japanese pagoda tree extract to reduce the visibility of spots

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