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MOHAP License number: GV8U1IU0-190522

Mavala Mava-Strong Fortifying and Protective Base Coat 10ml


Mava-strong fortifying base allows splitting, soft, thus breaking nails to regain their normal and strong aspect. It combines two actions working in synergy: fortifying and protecting. It is a colorless and shiny nail polish whose active ingredients combining technicality and efficiency to improve nails' quality and reinforce their structure. Its complex of microencapsulated active ingredients (tea tree essential oil, Vitamin E, Hydrolysed keratin and arginine) fortifies nails and its crystal resin makes the nail plate more resistant and thicker.

  • Fortifying and protective base coat for nails
  • Quickly improves the appearance of nails' quality, making them thicker and more resistant
  • Colorless and shiny base coat
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