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Neat Feat Femme Gel Slimline Forefoot Insole


Shock absorbers for sore feet Non-slip adhesive backing to apply to shoe Gently cushions the forefront of the foot to ease discomfort One size fits all Neat Feat Femme Gel Forefoot insole is a double layered superior polymer gel, tailored to fit high heel and fashionable shoes. The insole has an adhesive backing so they can be placed firmly at the front of the shoe. These will ease the pressure on the front of the shoes reducing discomfort and protecting the pad of the foot.

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Dry wipe the inside of shoe clean. Remove clear plastic adhesive backing on the insole and place in shoe - tacky side down. Align insole with arch position, press down to adhere. NOTE: If the insoles stop sticking, simply handwash with a mild soap and water then air dry, this should help re-energise them.

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