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Neat Feet Sports Insoles Small

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While physical fitness is key to good health, it doesn’t come without its risks. If you want to minimize your chances of injury when breaking a sweat, while protecting your feet and posture, you need the Neat Feat Sport High-Impact Insole, specifically designed to improve foot posture and relieve ankle, knee, hip, and lower back stress.

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Cushioning stabilising All-day and night comfort Uniquely designed to slip seamlessly into your running- or studio-shoes Provides additional support for foot ailments, issues, and general discomfort Ideal for all sports activities, from walking to running, hiking, and high-impact sports Most of us don’t think about the two champions that silently carry us around all day, without asking a thing in return. Our feet. These unsung heroes bear our entire weight our entire lives – it’s no wonder they get a little sore sometimes. If your feet are crying out for help, give them a little support with the Neat Feat Sport High-Impact Insole.

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