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Nicorette Gum 2 Mg Nicotine Gum Sugar-Free, Fresh Mint Flavour, 30's


When you stop supplying the body with nicotine from tobacco, you experience various withdrawal symptoms. Nicorette gum relieves smoking cravings whenever they strike. The Nicotine in Nicorette chewing gum alleviates the craving for nicotine and helps counteract relapse smoking among smokers willing to quit. Nicorette chewing gum is clinically proven to help you control how much nicotine you use. This sugar-free nicotine chewing gum keeps smoking cravings in check and prevents or at least reduces discomfort by continually releasing a small quantity of nicotine as you transition; this helps you quit smoking for good.

When you chew Nicorette Gum, the nicotine is slowly supplied to the oral cavity. Unlike cigarettes, these chewing gums contain no tar or carbon monoxide. Nicorette chewing gum should be used in conjunction with a smoking cessation programme. Advice and support typically improve the chances of success when quitting smoking.
Nicotine chewing gum fights 7 withdrawal symptoms of quitting, such as irritability, poor concentration, increased appetite, low mood, restlessness, increased appetite, and anxiety, including cravings. It's flexible, and fast-acting with lasting effects. Taking it anywhere with you comes in handy whenever cravings strike.

  • Nicorette gum relieves smoking cravings whenever they strike. It's sugar-free nicotine chewing gum.
  • Actively keeps smoking cravings in check, Nicorette chewing gum is clinically proven to help you control how much nicotine you use.
  • Unlike cigarettes, Nicorette Gum slowly supplies nicotine to the oral cavity.
  • Suitable for those smoking 20 cigarettes or less daily, it helps fight 7 withdrawal symptoms.
  • Fresh Mint chewing gum helps remove stains for whiter teeth; it also has a great tasting fresh mint for fresh breath.

  • At the beginning of the treatment, take 1 piece of chewing gum every hour or every 2 hours. In most cases, 8-12 pieces of chewing gum per day are not enough; no more than 24 pieces per day should be used.


  • The correct chewing method is important. Nicorette chewing gum should be chewed slowly with pauses, during which the chewing gum is allowed to rest in the mouth before continuing to chew. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting heartburn and hiccups.


  • The nicotine effects only arise after a few minutes. Therefore, the same rapid satisfaction cannot be expected as smoking.

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