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Now Solutions 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Moisturizer 207ml


Now Solutions 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Moisturizer is the best cocoa butter moisturizer that promotes a silky, firm complexion. Cocoa butter is a gentle moisturizer that may be used on even the most sensitive skin. It is widely used to moisturize dry skin and improve the appearance of blemished skin. Cocoa butter has a lot of fatty acids, which is why it's known for its ability to moisturize and nourish the skin while also improving suppleness. Because of its fatty acid concentration, it profoundly moisturizes and protects the skin from dryness and peeling. It also nourishes the skin since it contains oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids, all of which are proven to help prevent dry skin. These fatty acids provide a protective covering on the skin, locking in moisture. Cocoa butter produces a protective layer on your skin, retaining moisture and increasing its natural suppleness. Wrinkles are caused by a loss of elasticity, therefore keeping your skin bright and hydrated can help it retain its suppleness and avoid wrinkles. Cocoa butter is proven to delay premature aging and enhance the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It may deeply hydrate, contains anti-aging antioxidants, and should not be overlooked in your regimen. Cocoa butter, which is high in vitamin E, has been shown to increase skin suppleness and have anti-aging properties. If you want to maintain your skin healthy, give Now Cocoa Butter a try.

  • To soften, scoop out and rub vigorously in between clean hands until the desired texture has been reached. Use as a daily moisturizer, and reapply to skin as needed.
  • This product will melt at high temperatures and become solid again when cool. This is natural and may affect the appearance, but will not harm the quality of the product. If hard, it can be softened by placing in a pan of hot water for 30 minutes or microwaved for a few seconds.
  • Caution: This jar contains a foil seal. Do not place this jar directly in microwave. Before microwaving, scoop out desired amount and place in a microwave-safe container. Allow time to cool before applying.

  • Improves skin texture, elasticity and appearance
  • Creates a nutritious and protecting layer on your skin
  • Itching and irritations associated with sensitive skin are relieved
  • Enhances skin renewal, hastening recovery
  • Reduces inflammation and protects the skin from harm
  • Improves skin suppleness and resists aging
  • Contributes to a young complexion

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Now Cocoa Butter 100% Pure Multi Purpose Moisturizer 207ml
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